remain unconverted

See: disbelieve
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Those who remain unconverted to the idea of football being part of the sporting extravaganza about to unleash itself at London 2012 would have had all their pre-conceptions underlined at Old Trafford yesterday afternoon.
Even Clark's conclusion to the volume, a sensibly tentative summary which stresses the developmental and shifting nature of historical definitions, in the end simply declares Johnson a non-juror and pokes fun at those who might remain unconverted.
It turned out to be the sweet sound of Schumacher practising at Ferrari's Italian HQ and, if actually being at a Grand Prix is the same noise but only ten times as loud, then I shall remain unconverted.
The Company does not pay a dividend on the shares of its common stock or the shares of its Preferred Series A stock, and will not be able to pay any dividend on these securities while any shares of the Series C Preferred stock remain unconverted.
New figures have revealed that while 70% of TV sets in Wales are digital, 30% remain unconverted.
Any debentures that remain unconverted after the five-year term will become due and payable in full with accrued interest, by the company, thirty days following the fifth year anniversary.