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The archdeacon, seeing that all his exertions served only to weaken the fragile support which remained to him, decided to remain quiet.
Nevertheless, he collected all the strength which remained to him for a final effort.
Later, when water was added to the tank, the stuck-in-the-mud carcass remained submerged.
1) Compared with women who remained employed at a financially adequate level during their pregnancy, those who became unemployed, involuntarily switched to part-time work or transitioned to work paying poverty wages bore lighter infants, had elevated odds of giving birth to a low-birth-weight infant or both.
Current sentiment declined over the previous month in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, while indices remained in negative territory in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines for the eighth, seventh and fourth straight months respectively.
The law, however, stipulated that recovered objects remained the property of the United States, to be "preserved by a suitable university, museum, or other scientific or educational institution" rather than repatriated to tribes.
National downtown and suburban vacancy rates remained steady during the third quarter, according to the global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield.
The proposed regulations also include a substitute-asset rule, in which a member's loss on an asset disposition other than S stock would be suspended if(1) the member's asset basis was determined by reference to the basis of an S, for which there was a duplicated loss, and (2) immediately after the transaction, S remained a group member.
The Kings' defense remained strong, as the two power-play shots were the only shots recorded by Edmonton in the second period.
Political expression remained prohibited, and the Cuban government continued to imprison people for political reasons, including for simply criticizing the government.
During the first half of the year, credit remained easily available to most household and business applicants.
First-quarter margins were solid; however, during the second quarter production in the petrochemical segment declined and prices remained stagnant as inventory de-stocking resulted in softer demand.