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Remaining shareholder(s) who face having the redemption taxed to them as a dividend often attempt, belatedly, to avoid this treatment by contending they were merely acting as the corporation's agent, so the transaction is simply a redemption of stock the remaining shareholder(s) were not obligated to acquire.
How much of the remaining old-growth is threatened by timber harvesting?
With two games each against Colorado and Vancouver remaining in the final two weeks, the Kings have a chance to impact the playoff race, but Murray said that idea brings no pride to his team.
Under the proposed regulations, if S leaves the group, any suspended loss remaining would be allowed (to the extent otherwise allowable) on the return filed for the tax year that includes the last day that S was a group member.
For example, analysts can take the gross income to a municipal court from traffic tickets, reduce that by the amount forwarded to others, and divide the remaining value by the number of citations issued.
The 259 unit Gold Peak condominium development in Highlands Ranch, Colorado is the remaining phase from our Palomino Park development.
Edmonton's Anson Carter scored with 11 seconds remaining in the third period, but Ziggy Palffy scored 28 seconds into overtime as the Kings took a huge step toward the postseason with a 4-3 victory over the Oilers in front of 18,311 at Staples Center.
The remaining $500,000 of her community property is invested in X's Sec.
Business fixed investment, while remaining relatively brisk, was expected to decelerate somewhat over the forecast horizon, primarily owing to smaller projected gains in sales, a growing shortfall of corporate cash flow relative to capital outlays, and higher financing costs.
South Atlantic: Sales activity in 1993 was brisk, with selling price per room remaining essentially flat at $18,343.
At March 31, 2006, WRP's remaining activities, assets and investments were comprised primarily of the following: