remaining period

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He further wrote in his decision that no voting in National Assembly was held on expresses incurred on by-election while apprehension of the applicant was correct that representation in real sense was not possible for remaining period of the National Assembly as there was fear of loss of national exchequer.
6 billion to foreign creditors against external public debt over the remaining period of current fiscal year (2017-18).
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI): The Government on Wednesday decided to make additional market borrowing of only 50,000 crore in the remaining period of the current fiscal year to meet expenditure, confirmed SC Garg, Secretary of Department of Economic Affairs (DEA).
Opec has commended the UAE's commitment to adhere to its production adjustments for "the remaining period of the Declaration of Cooperation", a report said.
Our parting is cordial and we wish him success in his future endeavors after the remaining period of the consulting agreement with us," he concluded.
The MP also warned that the fall down of the Parliament would mean the collapse of the state, calling upon all parties to "work seriously during the remaining period to find a fair electoral law that brings the Lebanese people together instead of dividing them.
JEDDAH: The government plans to issue bonds on a monthly basis in the remaining period of 2015 to fund the expected deficit in its budget, sources told the 'Maal' magazine.
The tax machinery has to collect Rs 1172 billion in the remaining period of 2014-15 to meet the revised target of Rs 2691 billion.
The Secretariat General of the council announced that all preparations were completed to hold the session which will review the performance in the first two years of the plan and formulate the indicators for the remaining period of the national strategy.
Pending the next meeting, the Quartet sponsoring the National Dialogue (UGTT, UTICA, LTDH and Bar Association) will meet the expert committee to discuss the remaining period of transition.
The company also stated that Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd plant at Chakan is to observe no production for up to four days in the remaining period of August 2014.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The rapporteur of the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Khalidi said: "The current parliament will not hold a session in the remaining period to pass the budget.