remaining portion

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Traversing the hollow by the Vale of Heath, he mounted the opposite bank, and crossing the road which joins the villages of Hampstead and Highgate, made along the remaining portion of the heath to the fields at North End, in one of which he laid himself down under a hedge, and slept.
With great mobility of outward mood, however, he applied himself to the task of enlivening the party; and with so much success, that even dark-hued Hepzibah threw off one tint of melancholy, and made what shift she could with the remaining portion.
That is clearly the remaining portion of our subject.
The remaining portion was divided between Andrew and Selina -- two-thirds to the brother; one-third to the sister.
The remaining portion of social rebels is accounted for by vanity, the mother of all noble and vile illusions, the companion of poets, reformers, charlatans, prophets, and incendiaries.
NASDAQ: SOHO) said it has entered into a warrant redemption agreement with Essex Illiquid, LLC and Richmond Hill Capital Partners, LP to redeem the remaining portion of the warrant corresponding to an aggregate of 1,000,000 Issuable warrant shares for an aggregate cash redemption price of USD3.
Completion of the remaining portion of Quetta-Sukkur Highway (N-65) and for the early resumption of upgradation of the remaining portion of Quetta-Sibbi Highway was also on the NHA agenda, he added.
QUETTA -- Federal Minister for Communications, Ports & Shipping, Asadullah Khan Mandokhel has said that caretaker Prime Minister, Meer Hazar Khan Khoso directed him to complete the remaining portion of strategic highway (M-8) within three months.
The remaining portion of each taxable payment was ordinary income.
Using intrusion means that a portion of the material for the part will enter the mold under low speed and pressure (under 100 psi), while the remaining portion of material is injected into the mold under high speed and pressure.
By carving out only the accidental-death portion, however, the insurer still preserves its profits on the remaining portion of the mortality risk.
Los Angeles officials, who say their ability to set rates is written in the state constitution, have repeatedly argued that LAFCO cannot force the DWP to charge the same rates to Valley customers as it charges those in the remaining portion of Los Angeles.