remaining time

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Katherine was herself pressed to make one of the party, but the young lady, at the same time she owned her wish to see this far-famed cataract, declined the offer firmly, but gratefully, on account of her desire to spend the remaining time with her father and mother, before they went to the south.
WOLVES goalkeeper Aaron McCarey has been suspended for four months after failing an out-of-competition drug test but the sanction has been backdated to April 21 with the remaining time suspended for a two-year period.
Complying with international labour law, eight-hour work a day with a half-an-hour recess and five days a week, leaving the remaining time of the week for creative activities, should be the ideal everyone must aspire for.
In the remaining time, the team of Kyrgyzstan could pull out a victory but failed to realize their advantages.
The Kuwaiti national team had a couple of chances and tried hard to score an equalizer in the remaining time but to no avail.
David Cameron and Nick Clegg will use their remaining time in Government before going to the polls to push forward major changes to the pensions system, a new state-funded subsidy for childcare and a crackdown on large redundancy payments in the public sector.
In a press statement, he advised that both sides should utilize the remaining time of the current parliamentary round to reach convincing solutions to pass it.
The next meeting, Assadi said that the meeting will discuss the required support for Yemen, during the remaining time of the transitional period, in addition to discussing other issues, on the political, economic, social and economic stages.
He explained, "It's difficult to approve any law during the remaining time of the parliament, because the differences between the political blocs do not allow passing the budget law or any other laws," noting that" the current political situation in the country is not good.
I congratulate George on a lifetime of public service, and I look forward to working with him during his remaining time in Congress.
RAMALLAHC[logical not], June 5, 2013 (WAFA) -- Five Jordanian prisoners held in Israel, including two Palestinians holding Jordanian citizenship, are currently on hunger strike demanding their transfer to a Jordanian prison to serve their remaining time, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said Wednesday.
Maduro, candidate from the ruling United Socialist Party, will complete the remaining time of the six-year term left by late President Hugo Chavez starting from January.