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have developed a novel tube-like PM combining a series of shorter PM rings gradually changing their shapes and remanent flux density, but this design requires an elaborated preparation for PM rings; if the GMM in the actuator changes its size, the PM rings have to be redesigned accordingly [11].
But Mars doesn't have a global magnetic field; instead, it has remanent fields, ghost fields locked into the surface when molten, magnetizable rocks solidified during the brief era that the planet did have a global field, more than 4 billion years ago.
Tire-ovitrap in the guadua remanent (rural area from municipality of La Tebaida, Quindio Department) where were found Ae.
In our study the most anatomical variation was agger nasi cell and least was Rathke's pouch remanent.
natural remanent magnetization (NRM)) was measured using either the AGICO JR-6A spinner magnetometer or 2G Superconducting Rock Magnetometer 755 (SQUID), and the magnetic susceptibility ([chi]) was checked with the AGICO KLF-4A Automatic Magnetic Susceptibility Meter.
Corpora vero eorum remanent sine aliqua sensibilitate et cooperit illa dyabolus umbra sua, ita quod nullus videre illapossit.
Qua de causa dubia circa praescriptionem delictoram nuper commissoram in infrascriptas Patribus remanent.
Tests on their remanent magnetism-the remaining magnetism after the removal of an electric or magnetic influence-also demonstrated that the spherules could not have formed naturally during lightning strikes.
In the figure, the coordinates o-xyz is used; arrows are the direction of the remanent magnetization of the magnetic material; a and b are the lengths of vertical and horizontal magnetization magnets, respectively; d is the height of the magnets; [h.
Periodically account-holders came in with cash and settled all or part of their debt, a transaction recorded usually by the formulae 'soluit complete' or 'omnibus computatis et solutis remanent solvendi' so many shillings.