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Yet statistics show that, while two out of every five marriages will end in divorce, remarriages run twice the risk of failure of first marriages.
The get is the religious form of divorce recognized by Judaic law allowing for religious approval of availability for remarriage.
I can think of two necessary responses to this, though neither is entirely convincing: (1) remarriage of divorced persons typically includes regret, humility, and asking for forgiveness, whereas proposed gay partnerships demand to be recognized as righteous; and (2) remarriage is at least within the form of the Creator's male-female design.
Generally, they work very hard to get back together, often with professional help, because they want the remarriage to succeed.
Even excommunication--which is in any case far from routine in either cases of divorce and remarriage or for support of legal abortion--does not negate one's Catholic identity.
Thee Wed: Contemporary Wedding Vows for Today's Couples (Adams Media Corporation, February 1989, ISBN 1-558-50980-1) by Barbara Eklof is a classic, filled with a sampling of words appropriate for any wedding, including renewals, holiday weddings and even remarriage.
The move is designed to prevent remarriage in church if the case might provoke scandal.
Through this study, Crowley describes how cantankerous this group of Baptists can be with opposition to secret societies such as the Masons, divorce and remarriage, individual communion cups, foot washing, and of course, the trademark opposition to evangelism and missionary societies.
In that article, the Artforum associate editor trained his sights on a childhood spent in Manhatan's Washington Heights as an immigrant Jew who had fled Nazi Germany, and an adolescence marked by her parents' separation, father's remarriage, and mother's suicide.
But that's not fair to the children of the first marriage, especially if there eventually are children from the remarriage.
The mother adopts a protector role with her children during courtship and after remarriage, which may have a significant impact on the triangle relationship [among] a mother, her children, and a stepfather.