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The court stated that an impairment is remediable if reasonable treatment would allow gainful activity.
My first conscious motivation was simply to work for people less fortunate than myself because of poverty or straitened circumstances; Africa to me represented a continent of "have-nots," which seemed to be unjust and remediable.
When a politician cannot fathom opposition to his policies except as the manifestation of wicked manipulation by bad guys, remediable only by more thorough "explanations" from the good guys, it indicates an unseemly paternalism.
Chair of the panel Alyson Leslie said: "The panel recognises that aspects of your misconduct are remediable.
In the case of high perceived self-efficacy, a remediable lack of knowledge or skill, or insufficient effort is seen as responsible for failure.
Or is the breach remediable within a short period of time, say, twenty-one days, with little or no long-lasting damaging effects?
The court found that this argument was flawed in that it, in effect, would make the fraud remediable, if at all, only under the Rules of Civil Procedure, or by independent action, which the court concluded was not required.
Examples abound, including tobacco control motivated by the discovery that smoking causes a host of diseases, evidence-based regulation of environmental and occupational agents shown to cause cancer and other diseases, and identification of remediable risk factors for coronary heart disease.
These would be harder to extend to ten letters than the progressions; but REMEDIABLE is a near-standstill (18, 18, 18, 20), and a coined one would be WREN-DECKED (23, 23, 23, 23) (cf.
This condition implies, first of all, that the peril in question must be of a remediable nature.
They detect adverse selection in this setting, but estimate that its quantitative welfare implications are small, and not obviously remediable by standard public policy tools.
Why we are not winning is complex but can be traced to two strategic errors, both of which are remediable.