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Researchers did not make judgments about what was remembered nor did the researchers focus on individual rememberers.
After it premieres in Birmingham, The Rememberers will tour to other venues and, Kenny says, is likely to change on the road.
The challenge here is enormous given the abundant demonstrations of false memories that are endorsed by rememberers with strong conviction.
But if the hand of the last cuneiform tablets is rather homely and there are some orthographic aberrations, there are none of the "scribblings of rememberers," the semiliterate or pseudo-literate "texts" that accompanied the forgetting of the Egyptian or Mayan writing systems.
Poets have limited years to work with words - Worcester's Charles Olson died in 1970 at just 59 - but the wellsprings they tap stay fresh and wondrous as long as they have readers and rememberers.
By this, Dubois does not suggest "that there is a group of forgetters and another of rememberers.
When William Duvall treats this episode briefly as he peruses the list of rememberers in the Camusian oeuvre, he concludes that Meursault's remembering activity is meaningless.