remind oneself

See: remember
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He urged everyone present to dream big and constantly remind oneself that we are born for a definitive purpose.
One is forced to remind oneself that the unassuming facility -- the first flight recorders laboratory in the UAE -- could play a vital role in preventing air accidents.
It is sometimes liberating to remind oneself that within each of the six color schemes, there are virtually endless possibilities for all kinds of artwork
It's a great opportunity to remind oneself of the astonishing change the grocery world has gone through in the past 12 months.
Rambling comes much more naturally to me of course, but sometimes it's good to remind oneself that although one is blonde, one is not that blonde.
participant observes eight precepts, wearing comfortable white clothing to remind oneself of the purity of the monastic lifestyle.
After the embarrassing Champions League loss to Copenhagen the solution was obvious, unpack the "hairdryer", metaphorically pin the complacent individuals to the wall and also remind oneself that gambling on a weakened team is not the way to win major prizes.
One should remind oneself that, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, we were being loudly warned of an approaching ice age due to the effects of global cooling, and in some cases by the same people who are warning us of global warming today.
It is often as well to remind oneself of the expectations of the market place when interfacing with the public sector, extrapolating from the experiences of Urban Catalyst and indeed anecdotal evidence from other operators, some dos and don'ts which will hopefully serve to avoid areas of potential conflict.
Particularly now, with members' expectations generally high and resources generally limited, I thought the quotation was a good way to remind oneself to measure the right things and to do the things that will make the customer's experience better.