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The author of Bottom: On Shakespeare hopes we'll be remindful of the word and its context there, accessing it by memory or reference.
It's a little remindful of Klee, a little of early Pollock, and a little of Rothko's and Newman's "pictogram" pictures.
Discussions of quantum theory by physicists who are beginning to challenge the orthodox Copenhagen interpretation appear increasingly more remindful of the premises of interbehavioral psychology.
It is here, near the end of Book I, that he utters the famous words, remindful of his earlier prose statement above: "Look at/what passes for the new.
The lack of maid service may be too remindful of home.
From classic southern literature titles remindful of the movie "Song of the South" you may have heard of, such as Joel Chandler Harris' "Tales from Uncle Remus," to many titles that have been lost in history, such as William Gilmore Simms "The Golden Christmas," Dixieland Classics is saving a long-lost archive of early American literature.
Upon returning, Obama and the ever remindful Elie Wiesel visited and respected memorials in Germany.
Little isn't getting carried away with the Dodgers drawing so close to first place, pointing to a calendar that reads late May and remindful that 116 games still remain.
No words can be more forthright or more remindful of the basic aims of humanistic inquiry than these.
Remindful of the last pages of Camus's classic, La peste, the narrator who has put the Mano legends together is identified at the end.
It's there you're likely to be stunned by the sight of albatrosses with 7-foot wing spans, tiny petrels that flutter over the water like moths, and dark-backed murres remindful of their Southern Hemisphere counterparts, the penguins.