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That sound commonly reminds us that we are growing rusty and antique in our employments and habits of thoughts.
I wish to remind you that it was you who first said to me, with that discretion I respect in you--with that foresight, prudence, and humility which befit your responsible and dependent position--that in case I married Miss Ingram, both you and little Adele had better trot forthwith.
He is quite delightful and rather reminds me of you.
That reminds me," said the husband, "that before Ali Cogia went to Mecca seven years ago, he left a vase of olives in my care.
How much the bird reminds me of the musical snuff-box of the late Empress
And seeing this goodly sum reminds me that I have a friend who is indebted to a churchman for this exact amount.
But that reminds me that I must ask your leave of absence for some days.
Sing the suitors some one of these, and let them drink their wine in silence, but cease this sad tale, for it breaks my sorrowful heart, and reminds me of my lost husband whom I mourn ever without ceasing, and whose name was great over all Hellas and middle Argos.
I am quite happy here with you and good Thedora, whose devotion to me reminds me of my old nurse, long since dead.
It reminds me of the handwriting of a woman I used to know years ago.
Talking of eyes," said Captain Donnithorne, "that reminds me that I've got a book I meant to bring you, Godmamma.
my Laura (replied she hastily withdrawing her Eyes from a momentary glance at the sky) do not thus distress me by calling my Attention to an object which so cruelly reminds me of my Augustus's blue sattin waistcoat striped in white