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PS I Love You: "This song reminds me of when I was writing to my penpal, now my husband, who was serving on HMS Cardiff patrolling the Falklands.
The location of the Christ candle reminds us that the incarnation of Christ is the heart of the season, giving light to the world.
Reflecting on the "experts'" list of preaching's purposes, and adding my own ideas to it, reminds me that, however we name its purpose, preaching ought to do what God is doing-in the text and in the world, but mostly in the gospel, in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
It reminds me of why we are here, and gives me real faces to recall in the months to come.
Yet, as O'Donoghue reminds us, prayer can be dangerous, and all who engage in the contemplative way are often misunderstood or marginalized.
This latter approach reminds us that all intellectual inquiry operates within an embracing context, even Weber's touted Wissenschaft; indeed Nicholas Boyle reminds us how the global market embraces us all.
He reminds kids that Bill Gates wears glasses and is the richest man in the world -- and Russ doesn't need a real gust to launch himself into an acrobatic frenzy that always ends with a grin and thumbs up.
The author reminds us that Jesus' ministry was devoted to lifting up the poor, not marginalizing them.
And that holy water still reminds me that I'm Catholic, that I love being Catholic.
But it also reminds me not to rely on lazy prejudices: Los Angeles is no longer just charming ticky-tacky but becoming now a serious city; serious architects whose mannerisms are not yours can, on form, remind you why others bother with them; and all those chirpy transport officials, overtly surprised and pleased to be in a quality building, are merely getting a little bit of the payoff that architecture was supposed to be about: namely, delight.
Sanchez needs immediate help completing his daughter's SAT application, the boys' grandmother requests a return call, the principal reminds me of my appraisal, and a teacher needs another outstanding citizen certificate.