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Last year more than 2,000 people descended on Preston Park for the Reminisce event - most of them in fancy dress to get into the spirit of the occasion.
It can bring a lot of joy to people with dementia when old memories come to the fore and they can have a good old reminisce and these memory boxes can really help open things up.
Editors of "The 1940s" combed through mountains of stories and thousands of feet of home movies from the 1940s submitted by Reminisce readers.
Billy Connolly visits Belfast and reminisces about his great-grandfather.
Each year since, I've gone to Warped to see some good music and reminisce with friends about summers gone by.
They look forward to it for two or three months and reminisce about it for a month afterward, so it ends up being a huge part of their lives.
Together they discuss their common experiences and reminisce about their comic heroes: in particular, Roy's admiration for the cheeky chappie himself, Max Miller.
In addition, because the quotations derive from different contexts and times, we reminisce in many tempos.
Reminisce about last year's talent show, your massive mosquito bites and that unfortunate canoe incident.
Elsewhere, LESLEY FITZ-SIMONS was also helping fans of another Glasgow institution - The Barrowlands - reminisce in the Pavilion's tribute production about the grand old Glasgow ballroom.
Other responses, though, are more mature, even outright elegiac, as in "They Reminisce over You (T.