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The landscape of "Village Echoes", the second part of the collection, is reminiscently bucolic or idyllic but with a strong and pungent message.
Masha's description of her ritual cleansing, complete with calculated acts of kindness, "studied humility," "humble bowing," and meek posturing--she lies to Katya about her whereabouts in order to give alms to a serf--is reminiscently performative (PSS 5: 91-92).
Itwas one difficult episode in our contemporarily history; reminiscently itwasn't a good moment for all
Beach said, reminiscently, as he toyed idly with an oomiak, 'we used to have fine times dancing with them up there.
Wallaby Cross itself served as base for a successful (gig-performing) play-alike and dress-alike band reminiscently called 'The Stones'.
A I BET there will be a few grans and grandpas smiling reminiscently over your letter.
Reminiscently of the case of legal punishment, I take it that we can reasonably discuss the moral legitimacy of states' compensating for the limitations they impose on their citizens' autonomy without first presenting a precise account of how the nature of the compensation should be understood in concrete cases.