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It said: "We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catchingup and reminiscing about the amazing times we spent together.
13 ( ANI ) Reminiscing his mother, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput got nostalgic on his mother's death anniversary.
Reminiscing as Communication The Key to Quality Care
The legend will be seen reminiscing the famous dialogues of yesteryears and willnarrate unheard of stories behind stars, scenes and films.
Dallas legends Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray stepped out for the UK launch of the hit US soap opera and they have been reminiscing about old times.
Wendy Bates, head of local fundraising in the North East, said: "Recipe for ChildLine is a really great initiative to get families reminiscing and spending time together, while also helping vulnerable children and young people.
Important issues remain regarding the nature and implications of parental reminiscing, however.
Most photographs have a brief commentary in the form of text, printed in a handwriting-style font and reminiscing fond memories as well as recounting historical facts about the images that portray classic locations.
The event will be a time for reminiscing and nostalgia and a chance to look at the future of Girl Scouts in the Antelope Valley as well as remembering past achievements, organizers said.
The Best of Secter paints a vivid portrait of these years, mixing interviews with indie film guru John Pierson and composer Philip Glass, who place these films in the context of the vibrant indie film and New York art scene, along with clips of his former collaborators reminiscing about these productions.
There is no off-camera interlocutor, just an old man reminiscing to himself.
Marianwood's Memory Ride began in 2001, when Martin overheard residents reminiscing about old cars and riding on motorcycles.