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An explanation for the apparent dissociation between clinical remissio and continued structural deterioration in rheumatoid arthritis.
were able to reduce their debt through a procedure called remissio, also
Note that these indulgences promised full remission of sins (plena remissio peccatorum).
The profession of unworthiness by Aribo in the salutation (the captatio benevolentiae) is an integral formula of the ars dictandi, (98) and his repeated use of the technical terms intensio and remissio throughout De musica has parallels in many saints' vitae and other spiritual works from the late eleventh century that constantly use metaphors of ascent and descent, birth and death, and images of seas and storms.
non est sola peccatorum remissio, sed et sanctificatio et renovatio interioris hominis"; Decree on Justification, ch.
Follow-up evaluation will be conducts in the unlabeled antibody ar m are fairly consistent with previous results reported with the use of unmodte a trend toward more durable complete remissio crossover to the Bexxar arm following disease progression.