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The Committee wrote to Newton, "We are sorry to find that Mr Skrimshers Remissness is so great, and that he takes so little pains to Acquit himself in his Station to your Satisfaction or that he is not of any service to the Company by his Indolent behaviour and a [illegible] Idleness to execute any thing .
Failure to comply with an order through heedlessness, remissness, or forgetfulness is not [willful disobedience].
For example, in Burney's Camilla, a novel that Austen championed on several occasions, Camilla Tyrold's "dearest father" (344) cautions his young daughter, in whom he discerns a partiality for the highly eligible Edgar Mandibert: "'Risk not, my dear girl, to others, those outward marks of sensibility which, to common or unfeeling observers, seem but the effect of an unbecoming remissness in the self-command which should dignify every female, who would do herself honour'" (348).
The case is replete with reprimands from the judge for missing records, destroyed documents, electronic systems that in his view did not retain and make available all pertinent recorded information, and remissness in enforcing records management policies.
Both have duties to their country to perform, and the remissness of the one is not a justifiable excuse for the other.
might be attended with most serious consequences, and entail disgrace on the Officers and Soldiers, and also on the Regiment to which they belong, by whose remissness and neglect such consequences may have arisen.
From the collations of the original, and the London edition of 1738, I was naturally led to reflect on the remissness or want of skill in Pineda, and in so doing, I think myself justifiable by the conduct of the judicious editor of the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer.
Yet know how to assert their Authority when there is just occasion for it, and will not prejudice their Charge by an indiscreet remissness and loosning the Reins of discipline.
Magistrates could punish constables for remissness, but could not control or manipulate appointments, a fact that became a sore point with them.
Tired of Cesario's unwillingness to pursue "new Glories," he bids "him look into the Story of Armida and Rinaldo, and compare his own with it, and he doubted not but he would return blushing at his Remissness and Sloath" (p.
The less his power," Woodrow Wilson wrote of the civil servant in 1883, "the more safely obscure and unnoticed does he feel his position to be, the more readily does he relapse into remissness.