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The procedural process by which an excessive verdict of the jury is reduced. If money damages awarded by a jury are grossly excessive as a Matter of Law, the judge may order the plaintiff to remit a portion of the award.

The remedy of remittitur is designed to cure an award of damages that is grossly excessive without the necessity of a new trial or an appeal. In some cases, an award by a jury is so completely out of line with the damages proven in the case that it is Unconscionable.

Ordinarily, however, an award of Punitive Damages will not be upset as excessive in the absence of gross error or prejudice on the part of the jury.

Remittitur frequently occurs when a defendant requests a new trial because he or she regards the verdict for the plaintiff as excessive.


n. 1) a judge's order reducing a judgment awarded by a jury when the award exceeds the amount asked for by the plaintiff (person who brought the suit). 2) an appeal's transmittal of a case back to the trial court so that the case can be retried, or an order entered consistent with the appeal's court's decision (such as dismissing the plaintiff's case or awarding costs to the winning party on appeal). (See: remand)

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69) In TXO, the Court added that the Due Process Clause does not require trial judges to articulate the basis for its denial of a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict or a remittitur.
1991) (reversed in part because in closing counsel told the jury the court can "order remittitur or cut [their verdict] down.
It offered Lloyd the choice of a new trial on damages or a remittitur to $1.
Following the High Court's lead, federal district courts and courts of appeals have become measurably more activist in using directed verdicts and summary judgments to prevent tort cases from reaching juries and in using remittitur to reduce jury awards.
The court held, inter alia, that the order granting a new trial subject to the plaintiffs' consenting to a remittitur was not an abuse of discretion by the trial judge.
27) Furthermore, verdicts are not judgments: the public (and Angell) do not necessarily learn that a trial judge subsequently entered judgment as a matter of law (voiding a plaintiff's verdict), or granted a remittitur (reducing the verdict amount), or granted a new trial (giving the defendant another chance), or was reversed on appeal.
The district court denied the officers' motion to vacate a jury verdict or for remittitur, and entered judgment, upon the jury verdict, in favor of the prisoner.
168) Ultimately, the city filed a motion for remittitur and was required to show that the verdict was "so high as to shock the judicial conscience and constitute a denial of justice.
notices of appeal, motions for fee-shifting, remittitur or vacatur of
The committee has continued to labor in an effort to find ways to improve the Proposal for Settlement Rule, as well as creating a rule to address Additur and Remittitur.
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