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know that certain home upgrades and remodels can be beneficial to get more buyer eyes on a property, potentially bring in more offers or gain more equity from a home," said NAR President Tom Salomone, broker-owner of Real Estate II Inc.
Other commonly cited major remodeling changes in the report include: bathroom addition (48 percent); bathroom remodel (50 percent); addition of one or more bedrooms or den (41 percent); addition of a second story (29 percent); enlarge or add a garage (20 percent); and finish a basement (12 percent).
Somewhere around month five my spouse and I were so tired of it we solemnly pledged never to undertake such an extensive remodel again, and then we shook on it.
The loan on the relinquished property allows the buyer to receive the amount of cash necessary to repair or remodel the replacement property completely tax-free.
Parker & Sons remodeling specialist have experience working on a range of projects, from the smallest bathroom rework, to the most ambitious kitchen remodel.
We expect to attract customers from other places they are shopping - from competitors - after a remodel,'' O'Neil said.
On Thursday, February 5, 2015, we installed the remaining appliances to complete the kitchen remodel," said Jim Weisman, owner of Republic West Remodeling, a leading Phoenix home remodeling company.
A wide variety of materials and finishes were used by four professional interior designers to execute the recent remodels and redos of clients' homes in advance of the tour this fall.
shares it's insight on why now is the best time for homeowners to remodel.
The document's goal is to educate homeowners on what they need to do to successfully complete a remodel of their entire home during a single project.
1 reason people remodel their homes is for more space, said Bryan Patchan, executive director of the Remodelers Council, a Washington, D.