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Mr Fawcett, 22, then went to remonstrate with Watson and there was the initial exchange between the pair.
The charge relates to his incursion onto the field of play at half-time to confront and/or remonstrate with the referee.
The man got out of his car to remonstrate and Morris took the axe from his car, approached the man until they were face to face and said 'you want it, what are you going to do?
The prosecution says he was punched to the ground and kicked "as if he were a football" when he left his house barefoot to remonstrate with the gang over vandalism to cars parked outside.
The Bluebirds have also been fined pounds 1,000 by the Football Association of Wales after several players surrounded the referee to remonstrate during the same game.
Stay calm, don't argue or remonstrate and don't raise your voice
He raced to the touchline to remonstrate with the fourth official.
The driver of the car got out to remonstrate when two youths forced him to brake sharply and within moments his vehicle was "swarmed" by other men.
He had left his home bare-footed in Warrington, Cheshire, to remonstrate with a group of teenage thugs who had damaged his wife Helen's car.
The prosecution said he was punched to the ground and kicked "as if he were a football" when he left his home barefoot to remonstrate with a gang over vandalismto cars parked outside.
And when her husband went to remonstrate with the culprits he was surrounded by a gang of 20 thugs and hit with bricks and bolts.
One set of parents chose the police as first resort, the other went straight to the press, the police sent a "taskforce" to remonstrate with a kid.