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Ned Land would have remonstrated, but the door was shut upon him.
D'Artagnan would have remonstrated at this; but Athos put his hand upon his shoulder, with a smile, and D'Artagnan understood that it was all very well for such a little Gascon gentleman as himself to drive a bargain, but not for a man who had the bearing of a prince.
The Crows remonstrated against the latter being armed.
I can never forget his naive sort of astonishment when remonstrated with for what appeared a most dare-devil performance.
I forgot fastidiousness, conquered reserve, thrust pride from me: I asked, I persevered, I remonstrated, I dunned.
The partners sympathized in his apprehensions, and remonstrated with the captain.
remonstrated Joe, again; "those are chickens, and the greatest kind of chickens
Philander," remonstrated the professor, "this unseemly haste is most unbecoming to men of letters.
remonstrated Tikhon, "just as if I'd never seen your Frenchmen
I'm trying to defend you," remonstrated the Tin Woodman.
remonstrated the Saw-Horse; "for then I can't hear.
Rosalie remonstrated, and I thought I should have been torn in pieces between them; but Miss Matilda having the loudest voice, her sister at length gave in, and suffered her to tell her story first: so I was doomed to hear a long account of her splendid mare, its breeding and pedigree, its paces, its action, its spirit, &c.