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Vainly Mary clung to his arm, shaking him back and forth and remonstrating.
Seeing him and personally remonstrating with him might possibly be of more use.
We gave up remonstrating after this, and let him go his way to an honourable disaster.
He followed up this remarkable declaration, by shaking his head in a waggish manner for ten minutes, as though he were remonstrating with himself for being such a pleasant dog; and then, he took a view of his legs in profile, with much seeming pleasure and interest.
Tulliver had on her visiting costume, with a protective apparatus of brown holland, as if she had been a piece of satin furniture in danger of flies; Maggie was frowning and twisting her shoulders, that she might if possible shrink away from the prickliest of tuckers, while her mother was remonstrating, "Don't, Maggie, my dear; don't make yourself so ugly
A MAN has been stabbed 15 times after remonstrating with a group who were throwing stones at a house.
TWO women were brutally attacked by a scrap dealer after remonstrating with him for urinating in the street.
The burly, tattooed 52-year-old was caught on video stripping to his black underpants, shouting and remonstrating after stepping off the EASYJET flight from Malta to Manchester.
In the Hampden clash with Italy with Euro 2008 qualification on the line, Alan Hutton was too busy remonstrating with a ball boy for giving Gianluca Zambrotta the ball too quickly to pick up Antonio Di Natale, who set up Luca Toni for the opener in a 2–1 win.
The man was assaulted after remonstrating with a cyclist who had apparently run into his car.
The Fulham match on December 5 saw Reds midfielder Jay Spearing sent off, an incident that saw Liverpool players remonstrating with referee Keith Friend.
Mr Bowes was attacked after remonstrating with teenagers who were setting fire to industrial bins near his home.