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Mr Robinson, from Yardley, was critically injured after remonstrating with youngsters who were attempting to damage a fence.
TAXI drivers saluted the "bravery" of a banker who was killed after remonstrating with a gang that attacked a homeless man.
Bruce could be seen remonstrating with officials at the mouth of the tunnel as Jaidi, who had apparently been stopped from going to the dressing room, loitered.
The truly frightening thing about it was that he was coming to the aid of his son, who was being attacked after remonstrating with youths who had thrown a brick at his car and smashed the windscreen.
He leapt from his seat in the dug-out and angrily booted a ball before remonstrating with Winter.
Fuller was dismissed for remonstrating with Gus Uhlenbeek after his challenge left Richard Cresswell out cold and needing hospital treatment following his collision with a wall behind the goal.
The animated McIlroy was banished to the stands for throwing the ball at Malta striker Michael Mifsud and then Harvey followed for apparently remonstrating too strongly with the officials.
They heard he had been remonstrating with youths and was trying to reach them when the accident occurred.
Anthony had been remonstrating with thugs who had insulted their father.
THREE students were attacked after remonstrating with three people who shoulder-charged one of them.
Allton began remonstrating with the taxi driver and kicked out at the cab door, causing two dents.