remote district

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They got me another situation in another remote district.
And she was left at his death with three children in a wild and remote district where I happened to be at the time; and she was left in such hopeless poverty that, although I have seen many ups and downs of all sort, I don't feel equal to describing it even.
The stairways themselves were sufficient to cause remark, since in nearly all Barsoomian architecture inclined runways are utilized for purposes of communication between different levels, and especially is this true of the more ancient forms and of those of remote districts where fewer changes have come to alter the customs of antiquity.
If he be of the ordinary class of readers, he has either never seen those remote districts at all, or he has wandered through those desolate regions in the course of a summer tour, eating bad dinners, sleeping on truckle beds, stalking from desolation to desolation, and fully prepared to believe the strangest things that could be told him of a people, wild and extravagant enough to be attached to scenery so extraordinary.
The source said that visit by provincial inspection team to far remote district like Lakki Marwat would help to ensure use of quality construction material in uplift works.
He expressed hope that after the completion of projects like electricity and roads a new era of prosperity and progress will usher in this remote district.
One of them, Etienne Gatete, the proprietor of ISARO Limited, a food processing factory, will showcase biscuits made from sugarcane grown from a remote District of Kamonyi, Southern Rwanda, home to many a Diaspora.
Samim Akhplwak, the spokesman for the Kandahar provincial governor, says the roadside bomb went off Tuesday morning in the remote district of Arghistan.
Last week, insurgents claimed overrunning the remote district, a claim rejected by Governor Hafiz Abdul Qayyum as absurd and concocted.
The new quake struck the remote district at a depth of 14km at 12.
The new quake struck the remote district of Awaran, at a depth of 14 kilometres at 12:34pm according to the US Geological Survey.
7 quake struck in the remote district of Awaran in Pakistan's Baluchistan province on Tuesday afternoon.

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