remote district

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He sent the saddle without an answer, and with a sense of having done something shameful; he handed over all the now revolting business of the estate to the bailiff, and set off next day to a remote district to see his friend Sviazhsky, who had splendid marshes for grouse in his neighborhood, and had lately written to ask him to keep a long-standing promise to stay with him.
They got me another situation in another remote district.
The stairways themselves were sufficient to cause remark, since in nearly all Barsoomian architecture inclined runways are utilized for purposes of communication between different levels, and especially is this true of the more ancient forms and of those of remote districts where fewer changes have come to alter the customs of antiquity.
If he be of the ordinary class of readers, he has either never seen those remote districts at all, or he has wandered through those desolate regions in the course of a summer tour, eating bad dinners, sleeping on truckle beds, stalking from desolation to desolation, and fully prepared to believe the strangest things that could be told him of a people, wild and extravagant enough to be attached to scenery so extraordinary.
Referring to a point, the Governor pointed out that promotion of educational facilities, is indeed the top most priority in this respect and he himself is taking keen interest in particular, as far as this remote district is concerned.
He said that this meeting is held on special directives of the President Asif Ali Zardari to resolve the problems and issues of downtrodden and poor people of this remote district.
On June 3, 2011, about 27 security forces personnel besides civilians were martyred when about 300 afghan Taliban from Kunar province intruded it to Pakistan, attacking a police and Dir levy check post at Shaltalo in Upper Dir district, sparking deadly skirmishes for two days in the remote district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Haska Mena is a remote district bordering Pakistan's restive tribal area of Khyber, which is located 100 kilometers from Jalalabad, the provincial capital.
The miseries of people have increased in the remote district after the powerful earthquake of 2005 and recent floods.
JALALABAD (PAN): A militant group is expelling residents from a remote district of eastern Nuristan province and replacing them with Pakistani nationals, an official said on Sunday.
However, he registered a victory on Sunday when he was given approval to run for parliament from a remote district in Northern Pakistan.
She said that she was fully aware of the problems of the people of this remote district and a total sum of Rs 645.

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