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He'd compiled photos of the ReMotion Knee for the marketing department, worked on a budget for a grant, and helped draft a legal contract.
The ReMotion Knee, a prosthetic knee joint designed by D-Rev engineers was originally created in a Stanford University medical device design class in 2008, he said.
Vinesh Narayan, product manager at D-Rev, a San Francisco nonprofit, tests a ReMotion Knee on a wearer.
Punctually the decrease in zooplankton density in this artificial pond was caused by heavy rains that deposited phytoplankton in the bottom and probably caused sediment remotion.
The mere invocation of the names of the great heresies of the past--Arianism, Nestorianism, Eunomianism, Docetism, Eutychianism, to name a few--may tempt us to believe that heresy is now a matter for the historians, and the degrees of remotion from our own setting these names indicate might imply that the whole thing is a dead issue (has anyone called you a "Donatist" recently?
Remotion of leaf area by herbivores: Significant differences were found in herbivory levels among young leaves produced at the start of the growing season (late November-early December 2000) and mature leaves (t-test, p = 0.
In these short paragraphs(25) Aquinas identifies the spiritual substances by remotion from matter and he predicates essentia of them as forms.