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The product offers one-year removability with little or no adhesive residue and is designed for exterior application.
landscape of the issue of removability for various crimes in immigration
Paraloid products exhibit another important characteristic that makes them attractive for conservation of artifacts: their removability.
The technology combines two unique polymer chains, intertwined to provide powerful hold, easy removability and film-formation properties.
Hard-disk drives provide high-capacity (greater than 100 gigabytes) and moderate access times in an affordable package but, like RAM, are neither removable nor archival, even though in recent years the swap-out capability of drives and media has lead to a change in thinking about the removability of hard disk systems.
Media removability and backward-compatibility dramatically reduce the need for frequent data migration, helping optical storage achieve an exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership, as low as one-tenth the cost of competing technology solutions.
0 then treats the DVD-RAM disc exactly like any other hard drive--with the benefits of removability.
The RemovX have a removable adhesive that combines performance with easy removability at room temperature.
The court found that the mandatory detention provision of the statute, as applied to a legal resident alien who in good faith challenged his removability, without an individualized bond hearing, violated the alien's substantive due process rights.
Best of all, with the clever way Chrysler designed the seats and cargo hold--there are plenty of flips, folds, removability, and versatility--this is a car that would be worth its $17,000 to $22,000 price.
New utility support for removability automates cartridge mounting and unmounting without requiring any user interaction.