remove fear

See: reassure
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Our main focus is to remove fear of visiting a police station for registering complaints.
Involvement in regular exercise will remove fear of judgment by others, of how you look and how you spend your time.
Export insurance is designed for exporters and lenders to remove fear of nonpayment by foreign buyers.
Creating a system to promote your business, even something as simple as committing to making five sales calls and posting on social media once a day, can remove fear or negative emotions around sales and marketing.
Knowledge can remove fear as a barrier to tackling new markets.
We asked them to show leniency to people and strive to remove fear and wrong impression about the commission among members of the society.
But it is also necessary to establish an iron-clad guarantee of some part of the outstanding debt, in order to remove fear of a complete write-down.
The proof of the universal and temporary nature of OSCE police group can remove fear of the population of separatism and national integrity threats.
His aim, to remove fear and mistrust and build a new order built on mutual respect.
More generally, MDMA is said to remove fear, which is one reason psychotherapists have found it so useful.
The key to successful cooking is to remove fear of cooking certain things or trying something new.