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La Nueva Economia de la Naturaleza: La Busqueda por Hacer la Conservacion Economicamente Remunerable
In October 1991, it was raised from 5 to 13 percent (5 percent without interest, and 7 percent remunerable at the rate of 10 percent).
While different modules can be developed for distribution of profits, most of them are based on (a) calculation of average non-interest based earning assets and average remunerable PLS liabilities, (b) calculation of average amount of shareholders + equity of the bank, (c) calculation of distributable non-interest based income, (d) decision about the basis of distribution of non-interest based income between the gross amount of PLS liabilities (calculated at (a) and shareholders+equity (calculated at (b), and (d) on application of weightages on the basis of varying maturities of deposits and calculation of rates of profits and percent per annum.