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The quarter-million dollars it expects to recover when all are sold "is clearly not enough to completely remunerate NASA for [their] production," Rasberry says.
I would remind taxpayers that the State is under no obligation to remunerate the defaulting barristers who prosecuted the trial, nor even the defence counsel who were on legal aid.
Initiators of protests at the Southern Cement Factory in Nookat and gold mining company in Talas will remunerate damages for these companies themselves, Prime Minister Almazbek Atambaev said at the government session on May 16.
I am astounded that in the United States it is common practice to remunerate the chief financial officer and the accounting department (collectively the "accounting function") with bonuses based on a company's performance.
The facts were similar to those in Bank of America and Centel; the guarantee fees, in substance, were largely designed to remunerate the foreign parent for substituting its credit risk for the taxpayer's.