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MP Buti Billy of Francistown East had asked if the minister was aware that specialist medical doctors are upon completion of their Masters Degree programmes, remunerated at E2 while nurse specialist are not remunerated at any higher scale.
with a sports club that has a Department of Remunerated Athletes
So, the natural conclusion would be to press for an extension of GOS in Wales--but only if optometrists were remunerated at the same rate as in Scotland.
The department would not lay charges against offenders but would amend the policy dictating remunerated work outside the public service.
It's incredibly important that those people are properly remunerated.
Transportation assets in operation before 2008 are remunerated based on a revenue growth model with annual adjustments for inflation and an efficiency factor.
Mehman-Parast also expressed the hope that the negative aftermaths of the killer flood would soon be remunerated and the situation would return back to the normal there.
Earlier, the Cabinet ratified names of 20 award winners, who will be remunerated 5 annual salary bonuses.
Serco will deliver the contracts through a network of established providers, who will be remunerated on a similar basis.
It is totally unacceptable that such critically essential staff are not being remunerated properly and are being forced to take industrial action in order to secure the pay increase they deserve.
They would be remunerated for hard work and efficiency by seeing the business succeed, as was seen when the miners of Tower Colliery bought out the previous owners.
Henrietta will be remunerated at pounds 5,875 a year during the four-year post.