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He explained: "Dentists are very well remunerated for what they do - so there must be an explanation for why these payments are being made.
They are remunerated at 300 [pounds sterling] per day.
For that to be so, individual members must be exceptional in their abilities and remunerated accordingly," said Mr Blair.
Teachers are also being directed to withdraw co-operation for the new Junior Cycle Framework and not to undertake any duties arising from vacated middlemanagement positions unless they are remunerated for their pensions.
Intern Aware, which fights for paid work placements, said the BBC should have "a remunerated scheme".
I have consulted with the six candidates, the six of them said they did not want to be remunerated," said Rogge, who is not paid a salary.
While most respondents said they were not well paid, 66% of specialists indicated that they thought general practitioners (GPs) were not well remunerated, while only 21% of GPs felt that specialists were not well remunerated.
If the future holders are not remunerated in some way, how will this latter prevail?
REGARDING this crazy culture of massive bonuses to top company executives for a job that they are already being well paid for, the question is why should they be rewarded for something that they have been genorously remunerated, with money that the ordinary person could only dream of.
Article 3: As of 1/2/2012, the high cost of living increase is added to the wage remunerated on 31/12/2011, as follows: 1- An amount of 200,000 LL, added as per decree number 500/2008, is deducted from the wage; 2- The high cost of living increase is added to the amount as follows: -100% on the first bracket until an amount of 400,000 LL provided that the increase does not exceed 375,000 LL; -9% on the second bracket between 400,000 and 1,500,000 LL.
A trusted, independent-thinking and transparently remunerated adviser can help you steer your way through this perfect storm.
Mehman-Parast also expressed the hope that the negative aftermaths of the killer flood would soon be remunerated and the situation would return back to the normal there.