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Renal infarction in the ED: 10-year experience and review of the literature.
Forty-four cases of renal infarction in patients with atrial fibrillation.
10-12) Stronger evidence is required to guide treatment options in acute renal infarction, although this is a difficult task given its low incidence.
Renal Infarction in a Patient with Spontaneous Dissection of Segmental Arteries: Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
At first, we believed that the patient's initial symptoms were probably related to retroperitoneal hemorrhage due to severe back pain, and emergency abdominal computer tomography angiogram was planned, which revealed no retroperitoneal hemorrhage, but acute renal infarction in lower pole of the left kidney (Fig.
The patient in this case taught us to consider another important diagnosis: renal infarction due to an embolism.
He was found to have developed a right renal infarction despite adequate anticoagulation.
At 6 h after the procedure, plasma aspartate aminotransferase activities were significantly higher in rats with renal artery ligation than in sham-operated rats, indicating the occurrence of renal infarction in this model (Fig.
Despite the fact that marijuana has been one of the most commonly abused drugs in history, only a few reports of renal infarctions in patients with a history of heavy marijuana use could be found in the literature, (Lambrecht, Malbrain, Coremans, Verbist, & Verhaegen, 1995; Le Guen, Gestin, Plat, Quehe, & Bressollette, 2011).