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Under surgical microscopy, the renal artery and vein were isolated, and all visible renal nerves from the length of the artery and vein were then carefully removed.
Histology of renal arteries demonstrated complete renal nerve damage in connective tissue around renal artery 28-day after renal cryoablation.
One misgiving I had with it-aside from the cost-was that there was no clear way of finding out if a successful denervation of the renal nerve had been achieved.
Dr Hallak, who has already designed a catheter used in renal artery stenting, has designed a new catheter to improve the performance of the current technology used in Renal Nerve Ablation, and which is currently under evaluation in the US.
based The Foundry LLC (a medical device incubator), was intrigued by the pair's invention, particularly with research that showed a relationship between the removal of renal nerves and improvements in cardiovascular health.
To study the association between the changes in renal haemodynamics and excretory function, several biochemical parameters were measured and the changes in basal renal haemodynamic parameters and renal vasoconstrictor responses to renal nerve stimulation (RNS) were recorded.
The company said the Paradise System is a proprietary, ultrasound-based system for intravascular denervation of the renal nerves (RDN).
We believe that the Paradise System, with its unique combination of circumferential, ultrasound-based nerve ablation and water-based cooling for arterial protection, will be able to denervate the renal nerves with a low incidence of adverse events.
It involves ultrasound waves being blasted at renal nerves without the need for surgery.