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In important ways, then, Renascence was directed as much toward "non-Catholics" as Catholics, said Pick.
13) Along with his work on Hopkins, Pick participated in the 1948 founding of Renascence and became its first editor.
Eberhard Alsen, "The Role of Vedanta Hiduism in Salinger's Seymour Novel," Renascence 33.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1962]); see also online edition, Risa Stephanie Bear, Renascence Editions, University of Oregon, http://darkwing.
The essay-length entry on 'Poetry' in the ninth or 1888 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and a piece titled 'The Renascence of Wonder in Poetry', written for the 1903 Chambers's Cyclopaedia, were his most admired critical works, but they were not published in book form until 1916, after his death, by which time they looked rather dated.
Whereas the present conciliar movement as characterized by the World Council of Churches functions more in the tradition of the Oxford Faith and Order Conference of 1937, the renascence of evangelicalism on a world level goes back to the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh.
Wave your banner, Gareth Morgan, and cause Llanelli House to become, not a burnt-out pile of rubbish but a beacon of Welsh renascence.
Professor Gajdusek--Robin, as he was known to Hemingway aficionados around the world--was a long-time member of the Hemingway Society who served on the Board, and, with his characteristic generosity and passion, made immeasurable contributions to the renascence of Hemingway studies in the past quarter-century.
As the editor notes, sermon studies is in the midst of a renascence, and she and her expert contributors here offer a timely stock-taking of the many profitable trends in the new social history of this, the most important body of literary material in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Western Europe.
The concept of affordances in development: The renascence of functionalism.
Mrs Hamilton was given the injections by 48-year-old Nick Percival, a consultant plastic surgeon at the Renascence Clinic in London.
In recent decades virtue ethics has been undergoing something of a renascence, commencing with the work of Anscombe (1958).