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Mary Davys's rakehero, Sir John Galliard, is done in by a cruel practical joke when a brother rake substitutes a syphilitic whore for the virgin Sir John had seduced into his keeping: "This Rencounter proved the very worst that ever poor Sir John was engaged in; for tho' he had had many Skirmishes with the Ladies, they had all hitherto prov'd light ones: But in this last Battle he was almost Mortally wounded" (220).
In a rarely granted rencounter last evening with His Majesty's Lord Chancellor, that most gracious Lord Bilgewater, he condescended to acquaint me, and thus the readership of this journal, of some of the most important affairs occupying the attention of Government .
Two criteria should govern the resolution of potential disputes, (117) One was to favor textually warranted modes of construction that would "obviate the dilemma of a Judicial rencounter or a mutual paralysis"; that is, to prefer interpretations that would avoid posing the problem in starkly binary, confrontational terms.