render better

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The increasing demands of robust memory storage devices that are highly compact, offer maximum storage and render better security of data are key factors, which would drive the growth of this segment.
The outcome might render better details and enhanced supply chain management to Whole Foods and support its users experiences both in retail destinations and online.
It will also render better animation and lighting effects.
He said power sharing arrangements between regions, states and ethnic groups would help render better and more effective services for South Sudanese people.
You have organic link with your homeland, thus you should apprise your children about the rich traditions and culture of Pakistan, he added He told the Pakistani community that they should serve their country and the High Commission was here to facilitate them so that they could render better contribution for Pakistan.
Summary: RIYADH: Newly appointed Indian Ambassador Hamid Ali Rao urged his community to register their details with the Indian diplomatic missions as part of a plan to render better consular services and ensure more protection to Indians in Saudi Arabia.
8- Our foreign language services will also increase to ten in a bid to render better service to all our viewers throughout the world.
We are now standing at the threshold of a new era; during which we aim at penetrating new markets, enhancing our technical expertise and renewing our commitment to our clients, to render better services and solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of their businesses.
Commissioned from a ghostwriter, it was covered with plaster immediately after being screenprinted on a wall; Latent Lament (Oxidised silver on paper), 2008, is a photo sealed within a light-safe bag that, we are told, documents Super Black, a paint able to absorb 99 percent of visible light to render better data.
We submit that a well-trained nurse would render better service than an inexperienced doctor.
Our experience has been that this will help users to render better images even faster.
The export strategy-maker also needs to feel the pulse of industry; a consultative approach is, therefore, more likely to render better results in a shorter time.