render inoperative

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The Clean Air Act prohibits manufacturers from making and selling devices that bypass, defeat, or render inoperative a motor vehicles EPA-certified emissions control system.
Bomb experts said that after they saw the wirings inside the package, they immediately ordered a road closure as they started to render inoperative the explosive.
Paul expresses the relationship between the messiah and the law with the verb katargein, which means to render inoperative (argos), to deactivate (Estienne's Thesaurus suggests, redo aergon et inefficacem, facio cessare ab opere suo, tollo, aboleo).
Paul's epistles, the "fulfillment" of the law at the arrival of the Messiah: It comes from argeo, and thus from argos, and means "to render inoperative, to deactivate, to suspend the effectiveness" (TR, 91).
A model of redundancy, this system still has "choke points" where a component failure can render inoperative the entire system.