render less

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On the other hand biologic mesh systems are more advantageous over prosthetic mesh as they render less chance of rejection and infection.
In case the terrorist act has been organized by Al Qaeda, that would render less plausible claims by senior Israel statesmen, including President Shimon Peres and PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Hezbollah and Iran are responsible for the attack.
The Crown suggests this was quite deliberate and was intended to obscure and to render less transparent the nature of the money payments.
He employs a multidisciplinary approach that examines naval signals, logbooks, war plans, and other archival Department of the Navy records to render less opaque some of TR's diplomatic actions and motivations.
Tyson's vision is refreshingly open-ended, and she gives the impression of knowing her subjects so intimately that every brushstroke and color choice becomes a way to visualize and render less fearful a different aspect of the unconscious.
These players are deploying their "species of capital"--belief in the efficacy of technological innovation as represented in the call-center model--in order to render less valuable the "species of capital" of reference librarians whom they accuse of being concerned only with "`reviewing the professional literature' and other odd tasks" such as "keeping kids quiet, scheduling staff, ordering supplies, presiding over children's story times, checking books out, and other details of managing the building" (Coffman & Saxton, 1999, pp.
With advancements in virtually every area of the product workflow, Adobe Premiere Pro allows professionals to render less and edit more.