rendering legal advice

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Disclaimer: This content provides practical information concerning the subject matter covered and is provided with the understanding that ADP is not rendering legal advice or other professional services.
The Elder Law Section asked the committee to consider issuing an advisory opinion on whether nonlawyers could advise people on 1) drafting personal service contracts; 2) preparation and execution of qualified income trusts; or 3) rendering legal advice regarding the implementation of Florida law to obtain Medicaid benefits.
You have been involved in rendering legal advice regarding a matter about which litigation ensued.
50) For these reasons, it is imperative that military practitioners have a "yardstick" in place before rendering legal advice on murky legal scenarios.
Providing such titles will bolster the ability to more clearly distinguish a lawyer's work from tax return preparation or tax audit work, which generally is not considered rendering legal advice.
When rendering legal advice, urge your lawyers to dispense with the usual caveats and do the best job possible with the information available.
Communications between lawyer and client for the purpose of rendering legal advice are protected by attorney-client privilege.
Adlman had argued that the attorney-client privilege applied to his communication with the accounting firm because the firm was assisting him in rendering legal advice to the corporation that employed him; see Kovel, 296 F2d 918 (2d Cir.
Purolite alleges that: Morgan Lewis was grossly negligent in rendering legal advice to the Company; Morgan Lewis violated its ethical and professional obligations to the Company by permitting a conflict of interest; and, Morgan Lewis acted in bad faith by surreptitiously attempting to obtain a release of liability from Purolite.
I often preface my legal advice with a notation that counsel is rendering legal advice.
The court in Kovel acknowledged the inherent difficulty in distinguishing between situations in which the lawyer needs the accountant to assist the lawyer in rendering legal advice to the taxpayer and other cases in which the lawyer or the client simply want to retain the accountant to perform accounting services unrelated to the rendering of legal advice.
Neither Wiley nor Sacha Segan is engaged in rendering legal advice.