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Then two weeks ago, I got a mock up of this service from Mark Bangert and saw instead the lessons from Jeremiah and Mark, the lessons for the Commemoration of Renewers of the Church.
But it would be well if we were to search the platitude more deeply, and realize that she is also the great renewer of the arts, and that it is to her, rather than to schools and precedents of the past, that our artists, our poets, should go for their deep draughts of the nectar of the gods.
He is the Renewer (mujaddid) of his age and has, therefore, a claim to political leadership.
1) It has been well documented that the unexpected ascent of one Muhammad Ahmad to the unique status of Mahdi, the Expected One, Imam and successor of the prophet Muhammad, claiming to "cleanse the entire Muslim world" and acting as a mujaddid(2) or renewer of the Muslim faith, also established itself as the cathartic moment of nation-building (Woodward, 22).
Being a staff developer and renewer of schools, Joyce says that he does "not [his emphasis] find it difficult to get 80% agreement to try virtually any sensible curriculum change.
23] It is in this context that Mawdudi's aspirations to clear these misperceptions of Islam first turned him into a Muslim activist-scholar and later furthered his self-perception as a reformer as well as a renewer (mujaddid) of Islam.
The invitation of the theme to "turn to God" recalls us to Christ, "the church's one foundation", and to a renewed commitment to unity in communion with the one God, the source, redeemer and renewer of lives and churches.
Screwball romances and marriages consistently include transgressive images of courtship as play and renewer of innocence, concepts that are anathema to a gangster family consumed by the serious business of crime.
How much do private icons like my crucifix and angels help Catholics I can't say, but I do know that for this Catholic-come-lately they are a constant reminder and renewer of my faith.
Once a concept looks good on paper, an effective renewer uses an in-store pilot as a laboratory to confirm the overall idea and get the main consumer, operations, and economic elements right.
You can renew most old crusty brushes by soaking them in a brush renewer or cleaner, then combing them out.
Comfrey is a renewer of cells," states Judy Williams, C.