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A RENOVATIO A N project to convert a former badge factory in the Jewellery Quarter into offices and apartments has been shortlisted for a regional award.
9) The Latin forms are renovatio, purificatio, reformatio, instauratio, mutatio, accommodatio, aptatio, evolutio.
This was not undertaken as a rebirth, or renaissance, of the lost classical past but instead as a renovatio of the living present measured against that past.
EDP holds an 85 percent stake in Ialomita Power and Renovatio Trading, a Cyprus-based energy trader, controls the rest.
com (a subsidiary of Renovatio Enterprises LLC) has recently begun taking offers for their unique gifts and gadgets website.
The maiden races include a number of horses stepping back from racing under rules to pointing, among them Renovatio, a seven-year-old French bred horse by Cadoudal, the same sire as Big Bucks.
Planavimo praktikas, kurios susiformavo nuo tu laiku, italu urbanistas Bernardo Secchi lygina su XVI amziaus renovatio urbis, pasireiskusiu vizualiniais, funkciniais, socialiniais ir ekonominiais pokyciais, nulemtais tuometiniu inovaciju mene, technologijose, navigacijoje ir susijusiais su kolonijiniu isnaudojimu (Secchi 2007).
Auto Business News-March 26, 2012--Tushek to launch new Renovatio T500 at 2012 Top Marques Monaco show(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Steps towards understanding the totality of Pienza, its metamorphosis from medieval Corsignano, and the nature of its urbanistic statement have been taken by Nicholas Adams in his "The Acquisition of Pienza, 1459-1464," Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 44 (1985): 99-110 and his chapter on "The Construction of Pienza (1459-1464) and the Consequences of Renovatio," in Urban Life in the Renaissance, eds.
The Latin renovatio of Byzantium; the Empire of Constantinople (1204-1228).
I think for example of previous efforts at intellectual renovatio made by the Action francaise, diverse youth movements, Fascism and National Socialism, refurbished types of secularism, socialism, and Marxism, as well as conservative platforms established on the assumptions and principles of Burke, Tocqueville, and others.
Dintre formele pe care le ia renasterea in lectura lui Jung, ne-am oprit asupra celui de-al patrulea tip, Renovatio, "renasterea sensu strictori", cum o numeste psihanalistul.