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Sirens rent the air as vintage TVs jostled for space among laptops, projection screens and power cables on a very crowded stage
But perhaps the attention it drew could be attributed just as much to the special sports exhaust which rent the air with an ear splitting roar and made this six cylinder powerhouse sound like a V8.
Gun shots, ululations, loud joyous screams, sounds of drums and empty jerry cans rent the air all over Rumbek town, signifying a happy ending to a protracted struggle.
SCREAMS rent the air, loud and piercing, echoing around the stark tiled walls.
Slogans criticizing King Gyanendra also rent the air.
The windows shuddered as the deafening sound rent the air.
2) When the president arrived, shouts of 'APC' rent the air.
As gunshots rent the air, uniformed officers from the nearby Jogoo Road Police Station arrived in a marked car but the undercover team waved them away.
After Musyoka's dramatic escape, gunshots rent the air for close to an hour as police searched for him.
The crowd wanted to support the underdog as " yes you can" shouts rent the air.
Contract notice: Reagents microbiological culture media with the lease of the camera for the detection of microorganisms in the blood and body fluids, and rent the air conditioner for general microbiology laboratory in a team of health care in debica.
The slogans of 'Bajwa Murdabd' and 'Majithia Virudh Sjish Murdabd' rent the air.