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There are approximately 80 million millennials between the ages of 18 and 29 in the United States, and more than half of them are renters.
Renters were also much more financially fragile than homeowners.
Crawford said that “Renter Nation's initiative for the remained of the year will be to reach out to renters and property owner groups to find common ground to address the issue.
Only a third of renters have cataloged their homes' inventories compared with 44 percent of homeowners.
The site, which launched last year, was initially aimed at renters, allowing home-seekers to organize all listings from various sites, including StreetEasy.
Unlike her renters, Rochon is not in the business of taking vacations.
Renter Nation CEO Bill Deegan said that the cable TV offering “contributes to society's unfair negative image of residential renters.
Two entrepreneurs have launched a Web site to connect potential renters with brokers.
TenantMarket, the newest most innovative online rental service now makes it possible for landlords to search, filter, and directly contact renters nationwide.
As a renter, Younger-Huff felt adequately compensated, but Webster warns, "That was a deal she got because [she had] local community leverage, not because of legal leverage.
if damage to the building prevents a renter from living in the unit;
Renters are becoming more transient, moving from place to place and expecting that their renter's policy will keep up with them.