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Community and government agencies are witnessing an influx of renters who are facing a struggle to find adequate housing options, or the instant cash necessary to respond to an unexpected notice to vacate.
These results are all consistent with a conclusion that renters nearing retirement have a high rate of time discounting which results in their not purchasing a home and simultaneously failing to save for retirement.
In addition, the Navy is now requiring those occupying military housing to sign a form stating they were advised of the need for renters insurance prior to occupying military housing.
And while $1,000 might be a nice windfall for displaced renters, it would do little to affect their long-term housing predicament.
Kaye said renters in general displayed conservative tastes in furniture, preferring non-dramatic, comfortable furniture over flashy or avant-garde pieces.
Via certified letter, renters should also inform the landlord of any problems, the expected date of resolution, and their intention if the problem is unresolved, as well as file any necessary paperwork to legally withhold payment.
Rochon takes care of the property rental of the cottage, she maintains the cottage over the summer, she does all the advertising for the renter and she deals completely with the cottage customer.
If the personal property is jointly owned, or considered shared property, a renters policy may be written with both partners listed as named insureds.
Renters receive offers from nationally known brands on the retail site or can opt-in to an owner co-branded electronic lifestyle magazine and receive even more lucrative offers.
Renters are given a wide variety of available apartments to view.
Tech-savvy Millennials are truly leading the charge in reshaping how we secure and protect our valuables and possessions when renting," said Brian Richards, Renters Insurance Expert at Protect Your Bubble, a national provider of renters insurance with custom insurance packages.
The Victorian Government s new app, RentRight, is available for iPhone and Android, and has information and tools for Victorian renters, Ms Victoria said.