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Renting also affords individuals the freedom to invest in a variety of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that can provide a higher return on investment as opposed to property ownership.
5) Their findings imply that the motives farm owners had for renting out their farms may have been more complex, encompassing not just economic considerations but a variety of concerns intimately related to the needs of the family unit as a whole and its individual members.
Other top Auto Renting and Leasing companies include Avis Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Hertz Car Rental and National Car Rental.
Worse, she is profoundly frightened of renting to tenants that would come in, stop paying rent, and never leave.
We hope that this lawsuit will serve to remind consumers of the very real risk of danger that comes with buying or renting a Ford 15-passenger van, and that until both companies take more proactive steps to protect consumers, no one who rides in a Ford 15-passenger van is really safe.
For example, many video stores are soliciting from customers written instructions regarding what types of movies and video games can be rented or purchased by family members, and what types of content they don't want their children renting.
The Tax Court recently concluded in Colbert, TC Memo 1992-30, that renting property at below fair market value (FMV) is considered personal use under Sec.
This will greatly simplify the process that our customers have followed in the past to perform a vital part of the applicant approval process in renting their apartments.