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This deeply unnatural renunciatory stance -- which Weil describes as the decision to "look at" an object (or person), rather than attempting to "eat" it (her) -- is the first stage of the moral life.
Ramanuja and his successors to leadership of the Srivaisnava sect, after all, were temple priests, and some of his successors, such as Vedanta Desika, remained householders, whereas Samkara and the leaders of the Advaita tradition were wedded to the renunciatory ideal and lived in monastic communities.
1), the more emphatic the renunciatory extreme of this oscillation may become.
1 where Samkara is emphatic that the necessary prerequisites for the enquiry into Brahman are to do with a renunciatory attitude, not the understanding and pursuit of dharma.
In a subsequent article, "Christina Rossetti and the Sage Discourse of Feminist High Anglicanism," Harrison argues for seeing the renunciatory impulse in Rossetti's poetry within the context of the movement to establish Anglican sisterhoods.
She has articulated three types of ascetic: renunciatory, celibate, and tantric.
There is an implicit contrast in the poetry, Higgins believes, between Ipseity, an emphasis on the Incarnation and thus sacramentality, and Kenosis, an emphasis on emptying, on selving as "a renunciatory kind of becoming" (82).
I attempt to expand what I see as narrow scholarly definitions of ahimsa that dwell exclusively upon the orthodox, renunciatory interpretation at the expense of more worldly formulations.
Owners have informed charterers that their conduct constitutes a continuing repudiatory and/or renunciatory breach of the charter bringing the charterparty to an end.
What is achieved in The Wings of the Dove is a tragic, renunciatory act of moral rectitude on Densher's part.
Just as Thullananda is greedy on behalf of herself, she is also greedy on behalf of those she favors; both greed and favoritism stand opposed to renunciatory detachment and are manifestations of selfish desire.