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HRC is extremely concerned by the immediate consequences of allowing the settlers to reoccupy the Rajabi building, it said.
17, 1994, the owner intended to reoccupy them within a reasonable time.
Hence, residents will be able to reoccupy buildings by 42 days after remediation is initiated.
I chose--perhaps this had to do with being a female artist examining stereotypes of women--to reoccupy it.
Army Brig Gen Mark Kimmitt, the US military spokesman in Iraq, said the decision to raid the building was "based on intelligence suggesting that a large group of armed Muqtada militia were attempting to reestablish operations and reoccupy the building".
Spain was ready to withdraw troops from the uninhabited island so long as Morocco undertook not to reoccupy it, she said.
Kershaw makes the same point and suggests that it was this fear of social unrest, heightened by serious food shortages in Germany during the fall of 1935 - themselves largely the result of government policies - that played the major role in Hitler's decision to reoccupy the Rhineland in March 1936.
However, when a taxpayer intended to return to his residence after an assignment but did not reoccupy the home, an argument could successfully be made that the residence before the assignment remained the taxpayer's principal residence during the assignment for Sec.
Note: The temporary rental of an employee's residence while he or she is overseas should not change the home's character as a principal residence as long as he or she reoccupies it on return (or, in the event of extenuating circumstances, can evidence the intent to reoccupy it).
While there is still work to be done before our bank can reoccupy its branch in the building, we felt it was vital to make the Hibernia Tower available again so our tenants can resume normal operations from their offices there.
The DCO warned that strict action would be taken against elements, who try to reoccupy the land.
March 1, 2013 (KHARTOUM) -- Khartoum has unleashed its forces in a new attempt to reoccupy Abyei and parts of South Sudan, the spokesperson of the South Sudan army has announced.