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The Israeli Army has cracked down on Palestinians, invading and reoccupying Palestinian-held areas.
Myanmar will soon launch military operations against the Shan United Revolutionary Army (SURA) rebels with the aim of reoccupying four border surveillance outposts lost to the rebels last month, a military government official said Tuesday.
If R sells his home in Jackson without reoccupying it, he is not eligible for an exclusion, as he did not live in it during the last five years.
We are talking about reoccupying, reconquering the area there.
According to the Truman-PSR poll, only thirty percent of Israelis back reoccupying Gaza in the case of continued rocket-fire on the South Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports.
representative Nasser al-Kidwa on Wednesday criticized Israel for reoccupying Ramallah and other Palestinian cities and appealed to the U.