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Reorganized and redesignated 29 December 1944 as the 10th Military Police Criminal Investigation Detachment (CID).
The reorganized structure will be as follows: Jean-Francouis Debrois will be general manager of life and health insurance; Gerard Pfauwadel, general manager, property and liability insurance; Francois Thomazeau, assistant general manager, activities outside France, reinsurance, human resources, general resources and legal affairs; and Laurent Mignon, assistant general manager, asset management and Banking activities, property, corporate finance, financial insurance and credit insurance.
In 1880, at a time when enthusiasm for industrial invention was at its height, the museum was reorganized and the deconsecrated church nave converted into a magnificent space for exhibiting machines.
Reorganization value represents the fair value of the assets that will become part of the reorganized entity plus the net realizable value of assets that will be disposed of before the reorganization.
is expected to be invited to serve on the board of directors of Reorganized Foamex International as of the Effective Date.
Thus, the trustee must prepare a return for the reorganized corporation to file.
AcSEC had to make such a choice in deciding when an entity has reorganized to the point that it becomes a new entity.
The company's reorganized sales structure will further this expansion as it enters into 2007, a year poised for unprecedented growth in the mobile marketing space.
officials Monday announced that the company will be reorganized into four main business divisions, cutting out a layer of management, and that businesses dealing in aerospace electronics, environmental management and control systems will be sold.
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership, and Sigma Capital Associates, LLC (the "Significant Equityholders") -- have committed to fund any shortfall between $150 million and the actual rights offering proceeds through the purchase of new preferred or common stock in reorganized Foamex International.
The Sherman Oaks-based fabric and crafts retailer, which emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July, said the next three months are crucial for the newly reorganized company.
As of the open of business today, the shares of common stock of the reorganized and renamed Public Company, Forster Drilling Corporation, began trading on the Electric Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the new symbol FODL.