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Afin d'eviter les derives indemnitaires, ils peuvent recourir a une notion etroite du dommage reparable, eu egard a son caractere direct et certain, et en se montrant plus stricts dans l'appreciation de la causalite.
In fact, the Air Force manages more than 110,000 different types of reparable items and carries a spares inventory valued at more than $28B.
The 2005 BRAC Report directs the military components to better manage DOD's spending by consolidating Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps depot-level reparable item procurements.
Bodily experiences like that of infertility and its treatment are shaped by cultural, political and social environments that influence our definitions of the normal, the painful and the reparable.
She added: "Thankfully no one was hurt and the van is reparable but we are gutted.
Sustainable consumption may help ease the pressure, but the key lies with the manufacturers in producing products that can be upgraded, recyclable and reparable.
A stubborn frame of mind could lead you to make mistakes that might not be reparable.
The fiberglass material is very reparable and Hobas field service technicians are available to perform the work or train installation crews on site.
This materiel includes both reparable parts (historically managed by Military Service Inventory Control Points) and consumable parts (historically managed by DLA).
It was not long ago that a damaged painting by Barnett Newman was thought to be reparable by a now-unthinkable repainting of its surface.
Supply Tracking And Reparable Return/Personal Computer (1) (STARR/PC).
Fortunately, we had no injuries and the airplanes are reparable.