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You mean that the return of a deposit of gold which is to the injury of the receiver, if the two parties are friends, is not the repayment of a debt,--that is what you would imagine him to say?
Then if a man says that justice consists in the repayment of debts, and that good is the debt which a man owes to his friends, and evil the debt which he owes to his enemies,--to say this is not wise; for it is not true, if, as has been clearly shown, the injuring of another can be in no case just.
In the event a shareholder has a note outstanding in which the debt basis has been used to absorb losses, the S corporation may defer any repayments until the debt basis has been restored to face value through income items.
56 million, which for the purposes of this review are considered principal repayments.
72(p)-1, Q&A-9(b), clarifies that loan repayments can be suspended for periods of longer than one year for leaves of absence for military service.
One son made a partial repayment in the amount of $15,000; the other did not make any repayments (see, e.
The 'F1+' rating reflects the education loan tax and revenue anticipation notes' (ETRANs) strong security, payable from individual school districts' loan repayments and by the state treasurer's covenant to use substantial identified resources to purchase defaulted district loans, if any, as an investment.
If the loan's terms do not require repayments that satisfy the repayment term requirement or the level amortization requirement, or the loan was not evidenced by an enforceable agreement satisfying the requirement of the proposed regulations, the entire amount of the loan would be a deemed distribution at the time the loan was made.
In the same period of time the Certificates have received distributions in the amount of $ 477,857, which for the purposes of this review are considered principal repayments.
If the reduced-basis debt is repaid before its basis is restored by future S income, the shareholder recognizes income on otherwise tax-free principal repayments (usually an unfavorable result).
The bonds are secured by general obligation backed borrower loan repayments.
However, there is no requirement that debt repayments made to a shareholder be allocated ratably to all shareholder loans that may be outstanding.